LV Switchgear / MCC

Our Low Voltage Switchgear & Fully Withdrawable Motor Control Center with front or rear access been studied for installation in large electrical plants, such as petrochemical plants, steel works, rolling mills, power stations, oil rigs, etc. The service conditions on these plants are often extremely severe: the high currents involved and the effective short-circuit levels require high performances switchgears. furthermore, maintenance, erection and instalation.

Easy extension application as well as compact overall dimensions are a must. Each unit is based on modular elements and consists of:


  • Circuit-breaker compartments
  • Instruments compartments
  • Busbar compartment
  • Cable compartment

All compartments are mechanically segregated from the others. The switchgear is pre set for easy extensions on both sides. With the current capacity up to 6000 Amps and short circuit rating up to 100kA, our low voltage switchgear/MCC can easily meet all market's requirement.